Friday, March 28, 2008

The funniest post I never wrote

In attempt to keep our life with child ever wild and spontaneous, we started a 1000 piece puzzle last night. I know, crazy, right? It's like we're kids again.

I'd like to say it was the desperation of being confined to the house after 8:00, that drove us to puzzle. But, the truth is, we did a few puzzles when we were married without child too. If you have a spare table that won't be attacked by children (which remains to be seen,) you should try it - it really does make for great quality time.

I enjoy poking fun at this new life we find ourselves in. I guess it's not so much new anymore - Evan is almost 18 months old, but there are still days it feels a little foreign. It's not like we went rock climbing or salsa dancing before we had Evan, but we could have. I suppose we could still do those things, but who has the time or energy?

Last night after putting Evan to bed, we got the puzzle out, and I instantly had a brilliant idea...I could live blog during the whole puzzling event. I was going to narrate the exciting happenings of finding corner pieces, finishing the edges, our lively conversation, what hip tune was playing on our Ipod, the Easter candy I was consuming...It was going to be terribly witty and positively hilarious.

But I didn't, not because I was worried you wouldn't be entertained, because trust me - you would have been glued to your screens. But, the idea of blogging with all of the world wide web, seemed to contradict a little with the quality time I was supposed to be spending with my husband.

So, please feel free to imagine the satirical genius of a post that would have been.


Burgh Baby said...

I'm kind of wishing you had live blogged it. I would like to see how you could make doing a puzzle funny!

Leanne said...

Yep, I second that. I'd like to see 'puzzle making' made funny too.

Isn't it sorta pathetic that we're interestrd in this?


wendy said...

If your dh is anything like mine, it would have been HYSTERICAL - what with all the swearing and such! :) I'd have read it and enjoyed every minute!

morgan said...

sois "putting together puzzles" what the kids are calling it these days?!