Thursday, June 05, 2008

Four years long, or is it short?

It's amazing how a definitive amount of time can feel so long, yet so short all at once. I've been married to my husband four long and short years. We wrote our own vows of-sort to read during our wedding, and in mine I made a statement about how he's the only man I could ever submit to. Those of you who know me, know I'm not really the submissive type. In fact, I don't even get along well with just any kind of man, or maybe they don't get along well with me. Chalk it up to daddy issues, I guess.

But, this man of mine is different. To say I love him, wouldn't be enough. I knew it would take a special kind and God had the perfect one in mind...He's wise that way! He's everything I needed, and he challenges me in all the areas I'm weak. He's strong enough not to be overwhelmed by my strong-willed ways, but gentle enough that I desire to follow him.

When I was happily single (yes, there is such a thing,) I had a long list of prerequisites that I thought would keep me safe and single for a very long time. When I met Jeff, he blew the list away. My list was certifiably insane, but he possessed even the most ridiculously detailed characteristic. Luckily, his open-minded, blue-eyed, facial hair having, guitar playing, and God-loving self was crazy hot for me!

Four years and one off-spring later, we're still happily married. And I still discover new things about him, that either were or should have been on my list. Thank goodness I snatched him up!

Happy 4 year anniversary, Jeff!


Anonymous said...

Well, there's no competing with that! I know anything I say will pale in comparison, but Jeanelle, you are the best gift I could have ever asked for in my life. You're always fun, always encouraging and the greatest mom to our son a husband could ask for.

Anonymous said...

I love you!

morgan said...

happy anniversary guys! i sent you a card in the mail today (i know, it'll be late) but maybe you can come home to it after your trip. Have fun this weekend! glad you both are still so happy!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!

That was a really sweet post!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Great post. And the comment from Jeff? Good hubby!