Sunday, July 06, 2008

Suburbanites love their fireworks!

This is our first Fourth of July living in the burbs, and it's definitely been different. We talked a lot about taking Evan to see fireworks, but the day got away from us and by the end, sitting at home watching a movie sounded like a much better idea.

Little did we know that we didn't have to go anywhere to see fireworks - they came to us! They started around 9:00 and were still going steady after 12:30. The show was all around us and some of the fireworks were fairly impressive. But, it didn't stop there. We got an encore presentation on Saturday, and I'm willing to bet that we'll see more tonight.

What is it about fireworks? I'm guessing it's the combination of drinking and playing with fire, late into the night, that makes it so appealing. But hey, we got a free fireworks display!


Kelly said...

I'm ready for them to stop! Our neighbors across the street (and practically everywhere else) were doing them until after midnight last night. Not good for little ones trying to sleep or for parents wanting little ones to sleep ;)

Lauren Stahl said...

We like them until 11, but then we are ready to call the cops. Luckily our neighbors all seemed to stop pretty much at 11, so there weren't any problems!

morgan said...

we had a bunch of left overs in our driveway the next morning. no one bothered to collect them from our yard!

wendy said...

Oh, we've been there! At least one year we had a competition with our new neighbors. We don't do it anymore, but it used to be a lot of fun!