Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Let's Begin

Jeanelle: So, we've decided to let you in on our journey to and through parenthood which includes learning how to juggle the rest of our busy lives. And of course we'll be sharing tons of pictures to make the experience
more enjoyable.

Jeff: That's correct darling. This whole blog business seems like the easiest way to let everyone know what's going on with project "baby verwayne" without sending emails every five seconds.

To bring you up to speed, I'm 30 1/2 weeks pregnant and we're expecting a boy. No, he does not have a name yet, but feel free to post your suggestions - our favorite so far is "Dwayne Wayne VerWayne" :-) Thanks to Marc and Dara! We're finishing up the nursery - see pictures - and awaiting our showers to fill it with all kinds of baby goodies! Pregnancy has been a long ride and I'm definitely anxious to move on to the next no-sleep phase, but at least it won't be because I can't roll over :-)

Jeff: 'nuff said! Bring on those nursery pics - peace out.

This picture is obviously our crib with cute little stuffed animals for baby to look at when he falls asleep.

This is the other side of the nursery sporting our very comfortable yet stylish rocking chair (that Jeanelle picked out) and the mirror that started the room off.

This is Jeanelle's artwork for the baby made from scrabooking material - as you can see our theme is moons and stars. At some point, supposedly, you may be able to see Jeff's artwork - TBA.


Pam said...

Nice blog guys! I was thinking Daniel Raymond I know it can be shortened but it sounds nice and has a biblical ring to it also. Oh well as long as he is healthy is really all I care. Can't wait to see him. Love you guys

morgan said...

Love how the room is looking! we will check it out this weekend! That artist named Jeanelle is just fabolous, how much is her work going for these days?! :)