Thursday, May 03, 2007

Enthusiast not Dork

Some or most of you probably already know that I am quite the fan of the show Heroes and from now on I would like to be referred to as a "Heroes' Enthusiast" rather than the more popular term, "dork." Jeff and I were just talking tonight about how there's so many great shows on tv this year. We've never been big tv watchers, but this year NBC has really come through with great options: Scrubs, 30 Rock, The Office, and of course Heroes. They're all brilliant shows, but Heroes is in a league of its own. What makes one an Enthusiast you may ask...I'll tell you...Stopping in your tracks every time the preview comes on (even if you've seen it twenty times on tv and online), watching the canadian version of the preview just to pick up anything not offered by the american version, having at least three spoiler sites bookmarked and checking them daily for the newest, desperately seeking out other "enthusiasts" to talk shop with in order to get a fix in between episodes, frequently dreaming (or not being able to fall asleep because you're thinking) about plot theories, and finally joining an online forum to discuss your favorite show only to find out that none of the other forum members are worthy to match your enthusiasm.

So, as you can see, these clearly outline the definition of an Enthusiast and in no way resemble a dork or geek. For those of you out there that share my enthusiasm, these are a few of the sites that I frequent, but of couse, you should already know them. If you don't watch the show Heroes or any of the above mentioned sitcoms, you should start - come over this summer and we'll watch the Heroes DVD's that I'll be getting as soon as they come out, or any of the previous seasons of the Office...By the way - Office fans, I hear that Jam fans will be very happy with the season finale...

The Heroes graphic novels on
Kristin Online - where most of the spoilers come from


morgan said...

pet petrelli!

i feel the same way about Lost as you do about heroes. i will think about lost hrs. after it's over. i have watched parts of heroes at times, but sorry to say, it's not a reg. we missed our usual thurs. shows last night (have them recorded though) & watched Spider-man 3 instead.

Maya Laurent said... that Pat has these websites I'll never see him! :)

morgan said...

peter petrelli.........................the only answer that can be used in the game scattergories by jeanelle verWayne