Saturday, May 12, 2007

So Many New Things...

Most of you already know how I feel about change. If not, I don't like it all that much. This year will have brought about so much of that dreaded change and still has more to bring. I'm still adjusting to this thing called parenthood (although, feeling more and more like a "pro" each day), we're hoping to sell our house and move soon and I'm looking for a new job that will be part time for August. I hope my head doesn't explode...If not, maybe I'll come out the other side as someone who looks at change and says "bring it on," hmmm...

I've added a new feature to the blog. My friend Elizabeth asked me the other day to name the last cd I listened to...Well, we don't really do cds anymore, but I thought that adding the last three bands played on my Ipod might be a fun addition...enjoy. Also, Jeff's mom recently got us a cool camcorder, so stay tuned because I'm looking into the best way to share fun home videos with you all.

After a "short" hiatus, I returned to running today, to be fair I was sick for some of that hiatus. I've also started doing what I call "back-ups." Sit-ups for my back. There was a point in my mid twenties that I realized I was developing back fat. Do you ladies feel me, where does this awful thing come from? Before Evan, going to the gym had gotten rid of it, but now it's back with a vengeance and I'm on a mission to banish it and other baggage I've picked up in the last few mos. I just need to keep my resolve!

I guess I should give an Evan update! He goes for his 6 mos appt this week - check out the blog for his new stats. I'm sure that following his weigh-in we'll be buying him the next stage car seat. He'll be happy to get the new seat, he's ready for a better perspective. He's playing with toys on his own now and getting so big, we'll be starting him on finger foods soon. We can't believe it's been half of a year since he came into our lives. Gosh we love this little guy!!

Oh and last but not least, congratulations to my friend Tandy and her husband Darnell - they had their second baby this week and Mackenzie's beautiful. Plus, she only pushed for two minutes - see my labor and delivery entry for the full extent of my envy!!!

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