Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Brother

No, I'm not least I hope not...I guess now I'll have to post a follow up to this entry...Anyway, I'm referring to the tv show, "Big Brother." Until this season I've been a faithful viewer of the show, but I missed the first episode and wasn't impressed when I tried to catch up.

I had already been contemplating not watching anymore, mainly because Jeff's not the biggest fan. I didn't like the casting choices this year, and didn't think there was anyone I could really get behind. A few weeks later all my friends who kept watching, were talking about how great this season was - some even said it was their favorite. I watched a few shows here and there to see what the hype was about, but for the past week I've seen every episode. It's probably safe to assume I'm hooked!

BB is the only reality show I'll watch, and last night's episode was a prime example of what makes it so compelling. There was a huge meltdown and it was raw. These people are stuck together in tight quarters for however many weeks, and they're true personalities begin to surface - you can't script that. Plus, it's all happening mostly in real time and on three times a week. BB has a great formula and will keep me occupied until Heroes and The Office come back!


Pam said...

Hi! I love the show too as you know. It is nice to have something in common. Glad to see you got into it too!!

Terri said...

I reluctantly admit I've been hooked. When I was in Minneapolis I ran into Nick at the mall of america and had my pic taken with him. I don't know if you were watching when he was on but a cutie and very nice when we met him. I feel like I have a voive now, I always check out what's new with you guys but hadn't been able to respond so I set up an account.