Monday, August 06, 2007


I went back to the world of work today. I was sad to leave Evan, but the day went by pretty fast. His Uncle Dave watched him while I was gone, I was so glad to not have to "drop him off" on my first day back - thanks Dave! I'm a little hesitant about returning to mental health...I'm not sure my heart's in it, but maybe that will change. It's also very weird to not be working for Midtown anymore...that will take some getting used to. I loved coming home to Evan today, I love how he lights up when he sees us. These pictures filled my head today when maybe I should have been paying better attention.


morgan said...

i know you will do a great job at work & that you will know what's right to do. these pics are cute!

Kelly said...

Cute pictures!! I'm glad the day went fast. I think it would be weird to work somewhere else too.

LadyStahl said...

We missed you at group the girls didn't have anyone to play with :-)