Monday, November 05, 2007

First Official Haircut

Jeff and I have been making poor attempts at trimming Evan's hair for a while now, but he'll be getting 1 year pictures taken soon, so we decided to let a professional tame his mane this time.



I was afraid he'd come out with a buzz, but she did a great job and didn't take too much off. Evan was fairly cooperative and seemed happy just to be surrounded by so many fun things. He'll probably be getting frequent haircuts. Not only does his hair grow super fast, but it's also gotten pretty thick - he gets that from me. He's going to be so handsome for his pictures!!


Maya said...

He's going to look so good in his one year photos!

Kelly said...

How cute! I think that first haircut always turns them into a little boy.

LadyStahl said...

He is so cute...he looks so grown up!

morgan said...

what a transformation! i'm glad you finally got some assistance! :)

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

He is so adorable : ) His pictures are going to be great!!