Sunday, December 09, 2007


A few months back I was talking about a new blog idea. I figured I should give you all an update on that venture. The short story is that it's not going to happen. We've had several other things keeping us busy lately, and I could never really decide how to differentiate that blog from this one. So to compensate, I'm just making a few changes to VerWaynia.

For starters, we've gone public. VerWaynia gets enough readers that I decided there wouldn't be much of a difference in privacy. You may begin to see advertisements, although, I'll keep this to a minimum, and I might be starting a weekly "column." The site design will most likely be changing soon too and I'm hoping to include a little merchandise every now and then. The posts, however, will remain unchanged.

There's another update I need to pass along - We won't be going to Italy this summer. After selling our condo we decided to wait on buying tickets until we saw how much buying our house would cost. I suppose we could still make it work, but we'd both like to put that money into our new house now. We're not giving up though, it will still happen!!


morgan said...

big vacations like that take a lot of money & a lot of planning. I just figure I'll never have time till I'm retired. But wouldn't it be nice to do it before then?!

morgan said...

you should get a card, i sent it to your new address, so we'll see!