Thursday, January 10, 2008

So far so good

I've used my elliptical two days in a row! Granted, I haven't made it fifteen minutes yet and I've had to stop every minute or so to breathe...but, I did it. It feels good. Well, not really good but you know, good in the way that people who workout say good when they really mean they felt like they were about to die.

I still haven't taken any pictures. I think I'm putting it off because the house isn't "complete." Every time I think about getting the camera out, I figure I should wait until this or that is put away, put up, or put together. We put a lot of stuff away today and can finally see the floor in our room. I also think we're very close to being able to both park in the garage. Since our dining room furniture comes tomorrow, hopefully that will motivate me to take some pictures. If of nothing else, at least Evan. The poor guy hasn't known what to do lately without the camera constantly in his face.


morgan said...

working out does feel great. i wish i had more time to make my workout more than just running again.

Jeff & Nikki Goedeker said...

Congrats - both on the new house and on the elliptical! Hopefully reading your news will motivate me, I signed up for the mini marathon in May and haven't ran in a month and a half!