Sunday, January 20, 2008

Warmth...Glorious Warmth

Our home hasn't reached a comfortable temperature since we bought it. We knew that putting in the laminate floors might make things seem a little colder. We're on a slab and have a heat pump, but even with all of that, it seemed crazy cold in here. Our thermostat would read 71 degrees and it would still be freezing. We were obviously very worried about our first electric bill and how we would even make it through the rest of winter. The whole thing was putting a damper on our new house excitement.

We had someone come out this weekend to do a tune-up on our heater. Frankly we were hoping they would find something terribly wrong with the system rather than tell us that "it's just the way your house is going to be." Turns out our thermostat wasn't wired correctly. In these low temperatures, furnaces should run on emergency heat and not the heat pump. Our thermostat was telling us it was on em heat, but it was lying. We got a new thermostat and now everything is better. 68 degrees feels like a sauna, which makes us wonder what it really was in here. Our guess is 65 at the highest. Brrrr!

I never realized what a luxury it is to be warm. To be able to type without your fingers getting numb, to actually enjoy your morning shower, or to not have to plan your day based on your proximity to the space heater. We did get our first electric bill - higher than our condo, but we expected that.

These are pictures of Evan sporting a new haircut - vaguely reminiscent of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber, but luckily he's like his mom and his hair grows super fast. I'm sure it will be back to unkempt in no time.


Terri said...

Glad you guys are cozy and warm now, we've been enjoying the day inside. We keep our thermostat at 60 and use lots of blankets.

LadyStahl said...

Glad you got things sorted out...that is odd that you already got an electric bill. We still haven't received our first one...yikes...we are not going to like what we see I am sure of it!

Maya said...

Maybe we need to get that checked out because our house is always cold!!!

I am laughing for you comparing Evan's haircut to Dumb & Dumber!!!! Too funny!

morgan said...

glad it's finally warm for you guys! Who cut his hair? Are you back to cutting it?

Kelly said...

Glad you are warm again! I had to laugh at you saying his hair looks like Jim Carrey. He looks like such a big boy now!