Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our son, the reader

We believe Evan might be obssessed with books. The boy seriously loves him some reading. Given the choice between a toy and a book, he'll always pick the snack...oh wait, I meant the book. (So yeah, he loves snacks too.) He'll sit down in his favorite chair with a book and read to himself, "ta, ladalada, ta...." He brings books to us constantly to read. His favorite right now is Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever - he's fascinated by every page. Of course, this is all well and good and we assume it will lead to Evan being a literary genius someday, but in the meantime his interest in books is presenting a challenge at bedtime.

We've always read him a book at bedtime, and sometimes he would fuss when it was time to put it away and go to bed, but lately he throws a fit. He acts so distraught, like it's the end of the world! And then the first thing Evan does when we wake him up in the morning is stand up and point to his books, as if he wants to pick up right where he left off. He's too funny!

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LadyStahl said...

The girls do this exact thing, they must talk about this at their playdates. Maddie has one book in particular she loves that has these little eyes, so there is NO way she can sleep with it, but they read all day and want to sleep with their books...very cute and funny!