Sunday, March 09, 2008

He says, "Atkins can bite me!"

Our toddler has developed a very particular palate. We ate dinner at a local deli and got him a turkey sandwich. On any other day he would eat turkey, but not last night. In fact, he had to closely examine every bite before putting them in his mouth, just to make sure there was none of that vile substance hiding on them. Seriously, he would turn each piece of bread over in case we'd tried to trick him...which I only did successfully one time. After he was was finished with his meatless sandwich, he turned to my bread bowl...All this child would eat was bread.

We did have a triumphant parenting moment though, the kind where you half expect the table next to you to stand up and applaud. Evan wanted Jeff's potato chips and we had told him 'no' because he wasn't eating his own food. Evan of course started to cry and fuss, but we ignored him. We were in the middle of considering our options and wondering how long we could endure before the restaurant politely asked us to take our tantrum elsewhere, when he just abruptly stopped and began happily eating his bread. We had won! We stood our ground, even though we were in public, and we won! It was a proud moment.


Kelly said...

Yay for winning that battle! Both of my boys went through bread phases too.

christinemm said...

For a couple of years my older son would put ketchup on a bun and call it a hamburger. Ugh. He would never eat beef or any kind of meat-burger (or veggie burger).

Later he moved on to mixing Miracle Whip and ketchup on bread and calling that a sandwich. Gross.

We have had so much ketchup and I've washed so many dishes of it that the smell now turns my stomach and I barely eat it anymore. The same thing happened to my husband.

By the way the picky eating is still an issue for that son, he is 10.5 now. I'm thinking of going the route that I suffered with as a child "sit there and eat everything on your plate, you can get up when you are done". It is just too frustrating now and I feel badly that the kid is not eating a well balanced diet.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Congratulations! Since there's no way to win the war, it's the little battles that matter.

It must be bread week with the young 'ins. My toddler has sworn off all other substances at the moment. Last week it was fruit. Next week, who knows? I just go with it.