Thursday, March 13, 2008

Playset Invasion

Our new home doesn't have a fence and it's situated between two houses also without fences but that have very big and inviting playsets. Evan is having a difficult time understanding why he has to stay in our yard. Come on, we have grass, and a concrete slab...what's not to love?

Our list of outside projects and money to be spent on those projects keeps growing and growing. We hadn't planned on getting him a playset, but when we walk outside he looks over longingly to our neighbors' yards and then takes off running, so I've started to rethink that decision. Today I brought toys out with us, but it's really a lost cause - our yard is a boring wasteland. Luckily, our neighborhood has a nice park, but it's not as close as I'd like.

I think one of the problems is that I'm not really sure how to entertain him outside. I'm not very outdoorsy myself, and last summer we just sat on a blanket with toys, or I put him in the kiddie pool. I don't have the first idea what keeps a toddler occupied outside...I was pretty sure piles of dirt would work, but I guess I was wrong.

So, now on top of the paver patio, fence, furniture, and landscaping, we'll probably be buying some type of large, multi-colored, climbing contraption for our yard. Any suggestions or recommendations would be most appreciated!!


Kelly said...

Poor guy! That must be torture ;) We don't have a playset either, but are thinking about it. Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are great outside toys.

The Moffitt Family said...

I agree with Kelly--bubbles and sidewalk chalk are great!! Tye also likes to push his lawn mower around, drive his car, and play ball. It was so great to be outside yesterday!! We will have to meet up on a walk sometime.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

One word for you: Slide. Oh, sure, they beat the crap out of themselves on the things, but they LOVE them.

christinemm said...

We resisted "keeping up with the Jones'" and spent JUST $600 on a wooden set from Toys R Us, on sale in the spring. Friends, relatives and acquaintences spent $3500-6000 for their sets. Ours was much loved: 3 swings, 2 little 'forts', a curly slide and a wavy slide, and a rope ladder.

The thing that got more use though was a spacious sand box. I had my handy brother make one for us and it was a gift for my son's birthday. He put 4 foot long boards on one side, 6 foot long boards on the other sides, and 2 flat benches on the 2 short ends. He crafted a pressboard wood top with a small lip, to use to keep the stray cats and other wild creatures from using it as a toilet. That thing has gotten more use than you would believe. It is a hit with the visitors too, as so many don't have a sand box at their house.

My boys also loved the AquaPlay toy that we have. It is a plastic canal system that you keep outside, fill with water and float little boats in, make waves and currents and pump water in and out of.

It is too bad your neighbors are not friendly and not letting you use their playsets. I wonder if they are fearful of lawsuits? If so, what a shame.

When I was a kid we had the run of the whole neighborhood. Things were different then (in a better way regarding that, if you ask me).