Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Mother's Day Present

For the longest time, I've wanted to figure out a way to print a copy of our blog. I figured such a thing had to exist, but apparently we hadn't looked hard enough for it because when reading someone's blog the other day she mentioned a couple sites that do just that.

One of her recommendations, Blurb, is a site that Jeff has used before to make photo books, but we didn't realize they did blog books too. I was super excited. Because, as great as it's been to share Evan's childhood with all of the world wide web - I'd really like to have a hard copy that belongs to just me.

I'm not remotely close to starting Evan's baby book and in many ways that's what this "blog book" will be. I've asked Jeff to take Evan's first year as documented on the blog and design a book as my Mother's Day present. I can't wait to hold the blog in my hands!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I keep saying that I'm going to get the first year all printed out for Alexis (my blog is her baby book), and I keep forgetting. Thanks for th reminder!

Holly said...

OMG, I'm so happy you posted this. I read about it on Jayesel the other day but then I couldn't remember WHERE I read it. Did that make ANY sense?

Anywhooo.... I have been googling 'blog printing' trying to ring any bells. I want to print my blog too - for me & my kids. I'd like to do it now too - one year at a time.

Let us know how you like the copy! I'm still shopping around... I'd like the comments, but it's really the posts that matter.

wendy said...

That's way cool. I did not blog the kids' first years per se...they had their own websites long ago (I was so ahead of my time...who knew?!). I need to go to those sites and download some stuff!