Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy day entertainment

It's another one of those wet and dreary days here in Indiana. Couple that with my bum foot and you've got the makings of a very boring day. This has called for some creativity. Evan and I have decided to share with you a few of the indoor game games we've recently invented. And yes, these pictures are awful and blurry...don't forget the dreary day part, and that he's always on the move...I did the best I could!

The bathroom sink has become a water table. He can seriously sit there for 15 minutes playing with the water. If our water bill goes up, we'll know why. Oh, and he likes to make faces at himself in the mirror...or maybe he's just checking out how cute he is!

This is an ordinary bowl of change.

This is Evan dumping the change out and putting it back in over and over and over again. Sometimes he "counts" his money too.

I've raised him well!

And finally, the most recent game has been poking fun at mom's boot. He likes to "help" me take it on and off. However, making the bed was not one of our games today.


morgan said...

sounds and looks like fun! i'd rather be doing all of that than working today! it looks like he has a little bit of a black eye under the right one...does he?

Kelly said...

The sink is a big hit at our house too!

VerWaynia said...

Yes, that's a black eye...thanks for calling attn to it Morgan! We're not sure how he got it - but it happened yesterday at daycare.