Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Self-sacrifice Part 2

Could also be titled, That's Hot!

This morning my foot didn't feel any better so I went to Immediate Care. Thankfully, nothing is broken, but I have a strained tendon or something. I have to wear this boot for a few days, but I'm not complaining - it's better than a cast!

What's ridiculous about this whole thing is that I was running because I wanted to beat Jeff upstairs. I wanted to be the first one to run in and scoop Evan up. I wanted to be the rescuer. It was childish and reckless, and I learned my lesson. Can you imagine, mothering a toddler while wearing a cast - with an open pool around the corner, nonetheless?

And yes, that's my hot and blinding white leg!


LadyStahl said...

Oh man, you are my second friend in 2 weeks that had to end up in a boot! Ugh, I am glad to hear it isn't broken for sure!
Let me know if you need anything :-)

wendy said...

That's so very competitive of you! I love it. :) LOL! Sorry you're gimping for a while!

morgan said...

that is hot! i'm tempted to get me one of those! ;)

Maya said...

Oh dear the boot! Hope it only has to stay on for a brief time!