Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I might lose my mind

This sucks. Big. I'm on my second night of single parenting. Plus, he's sick. Plus, I have to take him out to Bible Study (that I can't cancel on tonight) where I'll put him to bed and wake him up in a "strange" place. All by myself. If I was a proponent of rampant swearing, now is when you'd be hearing it.

Yesterday, my only adult interaction all day was Evan's dentist appointment. Luckily, today, my friend Lauren brought her girls over for a playdate. But still, the days get really long when Jeff has to work late.

And good news, he reports this might happen again tomorrow night. Awesome.

This doesn't happen very often, thankfully, so at least there's that.


morgan said...

i wish so much that i could come up and help!

LadyStahl said...

I am glad we could be a little distraction today. Hopefully he doesn't have to work late tomorrow!

Pam said...

Just be glad Jeff will be home. I was a single parent for more than a year, well actually longer if you count you know not helping for nine years, ha! You are good at what you do be confident in that.