Monday, June 23, 2008

Me and No

Remember all those posts about how Evan wasn't talking and how you all said, "just give it time, eventually you'll wish he didn't talk so much." Well, he definitely says a lot more these days, but his favorite words by far are "me" and "no." And, I think I've heard enough of them both!

Pretty much every situation we encounter in our day warrants either a Me or No response:
Reaching out to help Evan with his playdough - Me
Putting him in his stroller - No
Picking out snacks - Me
Taking away something I shouldn't have let him have in the first place - Me
Asking him to do just about anything - various inflections of No

You know how they say that people who use profanity on a regular basis actually have a smaller vocabulary, because cuss words act as substitutes for so many other words? I think toddlers suffer from the same syndrome. Me and No are their cuss words!


morgan said...

what a dirty mouth! :)

Maya said...

Oh don't you love the word NO! I keep saying YES right after Zane says doesn't seem to be working!