Monday, June 02, 2008

Starting it off right

Our toddler group took a field trip today to a local park. We looked at snakes, touched turtles and frogs, hiked trails - it was all the rage. Of course, much like breathing and eating, I found it picture worthy. I've totally become "that mom." While we were on the trails, there were a few times I couldn't hold Evan's hand because I was too busy taking his picture. Is photojournalism a good excuse for negligence? I know a lot of my compulsive need to photograph my son doing even the most mundane activities is part of the mom territory, but these days I've been citing another reason. "Sorry, I'm a blogger and I have to take a picture of Evan touching this turtle, because when I get home I'm going to tell all of the world wide web about it and I need documentation." Ok, so maybe I didn't say all of that, but you get the idea.

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Holly said...

lmao -- love how we all become warped - all for the sake of blogging!