Monday, July 28, 2008

Picking favorites

Lately, Evan has been very hot or cold when it comes to Jeff and I. Typically during the week he's a real mama's boy, but on the weekends he is ALL about his daddy. I swear that this weekend, there were a few times he wouldn't even let me touch him.

I don't mind it so much because this means we both get breaks from the non-stop entertaining. For instance, he has this magna-doodle that he got for Christmas and it's recently become the "new hotness." He loves that thing and won't go anywhere without it. Somehow, it's become known as his "drawing", and if I've hidden it he can't find it, he goes around the house calling out for it. I love that he's developing a taste for the arts, but he only wants to draw if we're holding it or he's sitting on our laps. You can imagine how much we're able to get done while being Evan's personal easel all day.

On the weekends I can usually be guaranteed some reprieve because he'd much rather play with Jeff. But during the week, after a long day, Evan being glued to my hip can get a bit old. Last week I had to go somewhere after Jeff got home and I thought Evan was going to lose it when I walked out the door!

It's funny, though, that it's either/or. There are days that he's that way about both of us, but more and more he's been picking favorites.

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Burgh Baby said...

Evan looks SO much like one of my nephews in that pic that I actually did a double-take. Cute!

Yeah, I hate the whole thing where only one parent will do. It always seems to be the one that has the most to do and that could really use a parenting break. *sigh*