Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What am I, an amateur?

This summer, instead of exercising, I've really enjoyed Evan's nap times. Between our morning walks, the recent stroller class, and plain laziness, I've been able to limit the amount of naps I had to spend ellipticaling.

It's been nice to have 2+ hours per day to do whatever I want, but in less than two weeks, I go back to work and those days are over. This realization led me to make a series of careless mistakes today while preparing for our morning walk.

See, it looked like it might rain, and the forecast called for rain, but the sun was out and there as a great breeze. It was perfect walking weather and if I didn't get in a fairly vigorous walk this morning, I knew I'd have to spend my free time on the elliptical. Being short on free time, I decided to chance it.

Then it was time to choose Evan's snack for our walk. The snack is by far the most vital component of our walks. Lately he has been completely bonkers over these pizza-explosion gold fish (I know, real healthy, right) and once he saw them in the pantry, it was game over for any other option. Did I mention these crackers are COVERED in pizza-flavored goodness?

As we're getting ready to walk out the door, I noticed that Evan's nose was running (ok, I'd actually noticed it earlier this morning.) But, the rainclouds were closing in, so instead of bringing a bunch of Kleenexes and maybe even baby wipes, if I'd been thinking like the seasoned mom that I am, I grabbed the closest Kleenex I could find and headed out.

As a direct result, the following things occurred, while making our way through the neighborhood:
  • We'd barely made it out of the driveway, when I felt the first raindrops. Rather than turning back, I took this to mean - "get moving!"
  • Evan's nose continued to run.
  • While eating his pizza-explosion goldfish, he became covered in pizza powder.
  • Every time he sneezed, he rubbed his pizza covered hands all over his face.
  • It continued to sprinkle (at which point, I became mostly concerned with my IPod.)
  • Apparently, rubbing pizza powder in one's eyes can cause them to get red and swollen.
  • I used up my one Kleenex, and one dried-up baby wipe found in the stroller, wiping off Evan's nose, face, and hands.
  • I realized that if I continued to let him eat the crackers this problem would only get worse. So, I decided to cut bait and without a backup snack, throw out the goldfish, leaving Evan snackless and pretty ticked off for the second half of the walk.
  • His nose continued to run, and I started using his hat as a Kleenex.
Evan spent the remainder of the trip snotty, hungry, and itchy-eyed, while I had to walk a two-minute mile hoping to beat the rain and snack-deprived tantrum. Luckily it didn't rain, because my IPod saved me from having to hear the full extent of actions!


Anonymous said...

SO cute!

Nathan, Jan and Eva said...

haha! thanks for the laugh.. i'll be chuckling all day long.