Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Prince of VerWaynia

Dear Evan,
I can't believe you're two years old! My little baby is definitely not a baby anymore, and when I ask you, you make sure to tell me so! Your Daddy and I were looking back at your 1 year pictures and I was so surprised at how much you've changed and grown.

Every day you do something to remind me just how much of a toddler/bordering-on-preschooler you really are. Whether it's your ever expanding vocabulary, increasing independence, or your shocking ability to remember everything, it's obvious that you're becoming a very mature little boy.

Sure, we get what feels like more than our fair share of tantrums, and the other night you were in 4 time-outs with in an hour, but that's all part of having a toddler. We're doing our best to raise you as a mannerly, grateful, kind, friendly, and hopefully God-fearing child. Let's just hope that "well behaved" works it's way into the line-up sometime soon!

So much has changed in your little world this year, and you've transitioned with ease every time. Your mom could learn a lot from you! We've seen a lot more of your personality this year too. You're definitely an extrovert. You love adventure and you're a bit of a thrill seeker. You seem to have gotten some of your Daddy's musical inclination, and we're doing our best to foster that interest. You have a really sweet and caring disposition, and you love to give out hugs and kisses. If you could choose to do anything it would be to play, and you can't wait to get around other kids. Don't worry, your Daddy and I have heard you loud and clear and plan to rectify your "only child" status in the not so distant future.

Of all your new words and phrases, my favorite is most definitely when you say "I love you, mama" And even though you're so grown up, you have little ways of reminding me that you're still my baby boy. Like, how if we're both going down the stairs and you insist on being carried, even though you're more than capable of getting down on your own much faster than me. And how when I hold you, you have to play with my hair. And when you're eating something that you really like and you can't seem to get that last bit with your spoon, you ask me for help.

I love those moments, but I also love seeing what an awesome little boy you're turning in to. I can't wait to see what this next year brings. Your Mama and Dada love you very much, Evan - Happy Birthday!

This is Evan crying as we sang to him :-)

This is Evan and his personal gift opening assistant, his (hopefully) third favorite person on Earth - cousin Zane.

Oh my, he has his own computer! He loves this thing. Maybe now he'll let me get in more laptop time.

This was Mommy and Daddy's gift to you. A set of Bongos. I know, crazy right? But your face lit up when you saw them, and now when you and Daddy are jamming, you won't have to use the waste basket as a drum. Drum away, son. Drum away.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Evan!!

Maya said...

Happy Birthday Evan!!! You are getting soo big! Hope you enjoy those bongos!

Holly said...

happy birthday evan! :)