Saturday, November 08, 2008

He just keeps getting cuter

Last week, our friends and neighbors, Tom and Lauren, spent a few hours with us taking Evan's two-year pictures. We went to a nearby park that I can't believe we've never been to, because it was so gorgeous! It has a huge playground, wooded trails, and a beautiful pond. We were lucky because the leaves hadn't fallen and they were really colorful. It made the perfect background for our pictures.

Evan did a great job when he was Tom's only subject, but when we took our family pictures, he was a tad less cooperative. It was still a lot of fun, and we were so impressed by all the great shots he got.

I had some time yesterday to play around more on Photoshop, so I did the editing. I realized something during that venture - It's a lot more fun to edit pictures when the person who took them knows what they're doing, and has a super great camera. When I tinker with my own pictures, I feel like I'm trying to make a gourmet meal out of cream of mushroom soup. These pictures were so great to begin with, that I just got to have fun. Don't worry, though, I backed-up all the originals!



Kelly said...

Great pictures!!

morgan said...

those are good. i like that there are wardrobe changes even! ;0

Nathan, Jan and Eva said...

wasn't able to see the pictures. boo. wonder if it's my computer

Alison said...

I love the fall background. It's a great time of year to take pictures. It looks like you all had a good time.