Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas: Part Two and the aftermath

We spent Christmas Eve morning singing carols at my Grandmother's nursing home. Evan wasn't overly social, but he'd been really sick the two days before. He still managed to be pretty cute, so I think people got a kick out of him. Although, I'm fairly certain the highlight of the show was Away In A Manger, because Jeff showed me how to play the bongos for that song, which I totally rocked out! That night we read the Christmas story and opened our stockings.

In the morning we opened presents, of course, and Evan did a really good job taking turns and handing presents to Mommy and Daddy. Jeff and I had a pretty scaled back Christmas this year, and I think it's probably going to stay that way. We were still able to get everything we asked for though, because we kept our lists reasonable. My favorites were a new coffee mug and slippers, and a waffle maker that I used to make waffles for our Christmas breakfast.

Evan's favorite gift was probably his Bat Cave play set, but the helicopter that goes with it is a very close second. In fact, he insists on sleeping with it, and subsequently gets it taken away most nights because he won't fall asleep. I love the action set because it doesn't take batteries, and Jeff loves it because now there are finally some cool toys in the house to play with. They've been having a blast playing superheroes!

The biggest flop was definitely his doll. Evan is NOT into it. Jeff has even being playing it up to spark some interest, but so far it might as well have cooties. He did, however, give it a name, Daebo. We have no idea where that name came from, but that's what he decided on.

Jeff's family came in Christmas afternoon and were here until Saturday, during which he got even more presents, including a Spiderman Sit and Spin. Evan is a big fan of spinning, so he's been loving it. However, currently, it's hiding in the laundry room, to preserve our sanity. I was excited because Jeff's Mom got me a new coffee maker and it's awesome!

We had a TON of friends over on Saturday night, which was a lot of fun, but by the time that came around, Evan was seriously over stimulated, and we were dealing with a very grumpy toddler. We've spent the last two days trying to detox him. We even had problems at the church nursery. He was hysterical when I left, and it was the first time ever that I had to come back in to calm him down.

Today, things seem back to normal, except for the fact that Jeff is home and will be for the rest of the week (yay,) and that we're back to potty training. We're having even less success this time. We started yesterday afternoon and so far the score is 0-3, with wet underwear, pants, and socks taking a commanding lead!

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