Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm on week 7 of the VerWaynian Delicacies cookbook, which means I'm halfway through. This is Jeff's favorite week so far: Chicken Parmesan (his favorite dish,) Chicken Parmesan sandwiches, and Cheesy Hamburger Mac, which is basically just my own version of Hamburger Helper, but he loves it.

I continue to love the menu/shopping list combo, and I know that I've saved time and money. Plus, we've never eaten better. I don't think we've eaten a frozen pizza once, and all of our meals have been well balanced. We've even cut back our dining out on the weekends.

All this to say, I've started working on the Spring/Summer edition, and I'd love any recommendations you'd like to pass along. I've realized that I must not cook much in the summer, because most of my "go to" recipes are more cold-weather friendly. If you have any favorite Spring/Summer recipes that you'd like to share, you can either leave them in the comments, or email them to me at my address listed to the right.

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Amanda said...

I think your plan is such a great idea! I am so glad to hear that it is working for your family.

Hmmm. It's always hot here in Texas, so I'll try to think of something to recommend for the summer.... One of my favorites is chicken fajitas. We grill them one night for tacos and then make quesadillas on the griddle the next night with the left over meat. And then maybe nachos if we still have some left.

And fresh guacamole in the summer is great. All you need is avocado, juice of a lime, salsa (Pace is fine!) and some salt. Delicious!