Monday, January 19, 2009

Made the leap

We took a big step today as parents. We made serious efforts towards acquiring an ongoing babysitter. Jeff and I have been really lucky over the past two years to have so many of our friends and family offer to watch Evan for special occasions or even when we just needed a night out. But, now that he's two, I feel a lot more comfortable giving them a break and leaving him in the capable hands of a teen babysitter.

I don't know many teenagers, and our church is disproportionately heavier on toddlers, so I started calling other churches for potential candidates. After coming up empty handed, I asked our neighborhood association president for recommendations. She was very helpful and gave me a long list.

We made our first call today, and I'm really excited. We'd like to find someone who would be available for a monthly gig, plus the occasional call-out. One of the Mom bloggers I read is always talking about calling up her babysitter anytime they need a night out, and I've always been envious. Sure, we have friends and family, but I have to search for someone with an open schedule and even though it's nice to save the money, I always feel bad for asking.

We're hoping to settle on someone soon and start the process of introducing her to Evan, so we'll be ready when the first date night comes around. In the meantime, we're looking forward to another Grandma weekend. In three weeks, my Mom is going to take Evan for the weekend and we're going to celebrate an early Valentines Day...and sleep in!


new mercies everyday said...

hey there! you can also try

Maya said...

Let us know how it works! If you need some more teenagers I can give you some names. The all live in Carmel/Westfield area but I'm sure they'd be willing to babysit!

Alison said...

That's a great idea about asking someone in your neighborhood association. We've been blessed, like you, with many people willing to watch our little ones. Even now that we have three! However, it would be nice to have someone more available from time to time. I might check that out. I'll look at your friend's suggestion of, as well.