Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Busy...

It's Spring Break and I'm going to enjoy it! Never mind the slightly chilly weather and the fact that Evan and I are both sick, because Spring Break is monumental. It marks the beginning of the school year's end. Only eight more weeks until summer, and history says those weeks are going to fly by.

These breaks are something I love about working in a school. I like the change of pace. I like having something different to look forward to every now and then. Of course, once you factor in all of the breaks, I only work like 4 hours per week. Ok, that's an exaggeration, it might be closer to 10 :-)

We don't really have anything major planned for the week, and it's gotten off to a rocky start with Evan being sick. You know, with round-the-clock breathing treatments, albuterol craze, and ER scares, we're keeping close to home. But, it's nice to not have anywhere to be sometimes. Plus, it's giving me more time to work on my recipes. I have 17 weeks of menus compiled and all of the recipes have been typed. Now, I just have to copy and format them to fit Jeff's specs. Which really, what am I paying him for? Oh right, I'm not paying him...Well, he is getting 17 weeks of awesome meals!

Hopefully, in between all of that, I might write a few more posts than usual this week...we'll see!

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Holly said...

Sounds as though the breaks fit very nicely into your work & personal routine! Hopefully Evan feels better soon (you too)! :)