Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Afternoon Treat

I really try to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum - it's not good for your GI system, and water is always better for you than soda. Of course, that excludes my morning coffee on work days and the gulps I occasionally steal from Jeff's glass. It wasn't always that way though. In high school and college I had a nasty Mountain Dew habit, sometimes drinking several per day. In fact, I still salivate at the sound of a can being opened.

It's funny, because for as much caffeine as I used to drink, I've never really felt addicted to it and I didn't experience withdrawal when I cutback. I've never needed to drink Mountain Dew or coffee for the caffeine. I drink them because I enjoy the flavor. When I made the decision to reduce my caffeine intake, I still got my specialty coffee drinks and made coffee at home, I just went with decaf.

Before meeting and marrying Jeff, I was practically caffeine free. But, he's introduced one major temptation back into my life - Mountain Dew. My personal rule is that I won't get or open my own soda, but if Jeff is drinking one already then I can share with him. But, lately I've been breaking my rule on a daily basis. Since being home, I've been opening one of those glorious green cans almost every afternoon. It's my version of an afternoon snack. I guess it could be worse, but still...It kind of defeats all the time I'm 30 Day Shredding!

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Alison said...

Hvae you tried Diet Mountain Dew? It's quite tasty. I never liked it in college, but Steve really likes it. I, like you, don't open my own can, but if he's drinking it, I might have a sip. :-) Now, diet coke on the other hand.....