Friday, October 23, 2009


What on Earth have I been up to that could keep me from blogging for almost 2 weeks?! A few things. First of all, this has been Fall Break week and I have been very busy doing important things like taking naps. Monday and Tuesday I worked 12 hour days for parent conferences and I think it's taken me all week to recover. I actually don't mind parent conferences, it's a great chance for me to meet with all of my parents. As the school counselor, I don't have to do all of the scheduling, I just have to show up and that's nice. Plus we get a free dinner both nights and if there's anything I like better than eating, it's eating for free!

Then there's the sudden flood of new Twilight Saga: New Moon video and my obligatory re-reading of the series to prepare for the movie release. I can proudly say that I hadn't even so much as picked up one of the books since May. And really, I was beginning to think that I wasn't even that into it anymore. Like maybe I'd burnt myself out. Me? Obsess over something so much that I burn out? Never!

So, I read the books again, and immediately I was back in. Albeit, not nearly as obsessed as the first time around, which is good. The movie comes out on November 20th, and no, I'm not going to the midnight showing. But, I have had our babysitter lined up since September. And yes, that means I'm dragging Jeff with me. You can imagine just how excited he is. I am also waiting until that Saturday, because even though I can admit that I'm a fairly huge dork about this movie, I am (hopefully) not even in the same universe of dorkdom as those that will be there on opening day. Not to mention the age difference!

Slowly but surely, new clips and trailers are being released and they're spread out all over the place, so I'm taking it upon myself to list them all in one place...So, in case you want to wet your appetite...

The first three trailers

Exclusive iTunes clip via YouTube

Yahoo's clip of Edward fighting the Voluri

Fandago's Trailer

And here's a little video of our own...Evan recently decided to memorize the Lord's Prayer. We always read a section from his Bible before nap and night time and one afternoon we were especially ready for his nap so we picked the shortest page to read which happened to be the Lord's Prayer. Jeff and I both know it, of course, so as Jeff was reading, I chimed in. I don't think Evan liked being the only one not in the know. So over the next few days, he kept asking to read it, and then suddenly he had the whole thing memorized. Sometimes, we'll hear him saying it to himself in his room - it's pretty cute. As you'll notice he does get a few parts wrong :-)

There are a few other things, and I'll get to those thing to note...if I can get Jeff on board, I plan to post the new set of recipes on Monday! I know, I'm way behind schedule!

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Lauren Stahl said...

Tom and I have found the Saturday or Sunday Matinees to be really good for the big release movies like Harry Potter and What Not. You couldn't pay me, at this age, to go during the evening for a big movie like Twilight or Harry Potter. There are less kids.teenagers in the afternoon and it costs a lot less!