Friday, November 06, 2009

11 weeks

So pretty much the day after I posted that I was pregnant, and not showing yet, I experienced my first "difficulty buttoning my pants" moment. I'm still mostly able to hide it, which is good, because for various reasons I still haven't told my school yet. But, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep that up, especially since I spend most of my day extremely bloated. The plan is to tell them the week before Thanksgiving, we'll see...

I did tell my boss, though, and she approved my maternity leave, so that's good. I'll be off until October! Since I don't work enough hours to qualify for FMLA, they didn't have to agree to that much time, but I'm glad they did.

We go to hear the heartbeat a week from Monday, and we're obviously excited. Hopefully that will make everything seem a little more real. I continue to feel yucky, although maybe not quite as often. With the second trimester, and Thanksgiving, right around the corner, I'm hoping all of that is coming to an end!

In other news, only 13 more days until New Moon :-)

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Lauren Stahl said...

I saw a new preview for that last night, wow it is going to be amazing...I hope!