Saturday, November 21, 2009


Well, today's the day you've been hearing me go on and on about for months now - we're going to see New Moon. I'm obviously excited to see the movie, but to be honest, I'm just as excited about our "date night" in general. We're going to catch a late matinee, have dinner, and then maybe do some shopping, aka, "stay out as late as possible." Is Jeff excited to see New Moon? No, he is not. But, he is looking forward to the date, and he knows I've endured plenty of "guy movies" for him, so he's game.

Speaking of date nights, we have a big Grandma weekend coming up in December. It's our yearly tradition to take a Friday off in December to do our Christmas shopping together, but this year we decided, "why not make it a whole weekend?" There's been talk of going out of town, but we haven't fully committed to that yet. Either way, the goal is to get all of our shopping done and enjoy the quality time, and sleeping in!

In the shorter term, Evan is most likely getting a swing set today. This is a purchase we've been debating ever since we moved in to our house. At some point, we decided we would only do it if we found the right one for the right price, which is actually our philosophy for most purchases. We don't want a large swing set, so we've been looking for the basic A-frame style. Mainly because we'd rather not mulch around it, if it can be avoided, and because we want to maintain the openness of our yard.

I've been looking on Craigslist for 2 years, but I was always looking in the Spring. A-frames are hard to find because most people have the larger styles, and then when I would find one, it was always gone by the time I called. I finally found one last week, and it's really cheap, not too old, and not that far away. Jeff and some friends are going to look at it this morning and if it works out, they'll be bringing it home and putting it up. It has three spots for swings, so we'll probably buy new swings and maybe a fun non-swing accessory. We're going to place it towards the back of the yard, in front of the tree line, so I'm hoping it blends in. Evan will love it, and hopefully it will be one more thing to occupy him when the weather gets warm and I have a new baby to take care of!

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