Sunday, November 01, 2009

He really digs this trick-or-treating business!

Evan had the best time trick-or-treating. He went out for about an hour with his friends Natalie and Maddie, and then spent the rest of the evening helping us give out candy. Jeff said he's already a pro at asking for candy, but we might have to review Halloween etiquette for next year. There were a few times that he just stood there until they gave him more candy. Surely, not my child! Seriously though, he barely even knows what candy is, where do they learn this stuff?

When he was handing out candy, he tried to give every kid a huge handful. He was also calling out to the trick-or-treaters and waving candy in the air to get their attention. He was having a blast!

We have a great neighborhood for Halloween. A lot of the houses really got into it, and there was a steady stream of kids until 9:00. We ran out of candy around 8:00, but part of that might have been Evan's fault. I was surprised, because one little girl asked me if I worked at the elementary school, that I do in fact work at, and I don't even remotely live in the same neighborhood as the school I work in. I work in the city and live in the suburbs. That means some of those families are traveling 10 miles out of town to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood!

With Halloween over, now it's time to focus on the fact that it's November. Are you getting this? It's November! Evan's 3rd birthday is in two weeks and Jeff and I finished the planning for that this weekend. We're going with a pirate theme, and have some cool things planned. Then it's Thanksgiving. I'm hosting and cooking two dinners, and then we'll go to my Mom's for the third. That's a lot of turkey, and pie, and mashed potatoes, and leftovers! I should be entering the 2nd trimester by Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping my appetite and the ability to eat in abundance returns by then! And of course, then it's practically Christmas! I can't believe how close we are to Christmas!

In the meantime, Happy 'Halloween candy eating' to all!


uncle dave said...

Super-cool outfit Evan. Lovin' it

morgan said...

glad ya'll had fun! wish i had opened our door to evan that night! :) and the pumpkins look great too! see ya guys friday night. i'll call ya.