Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My other two cents...

There's something else about The Twilight Saga: New Moon, that I forgot to talk about in my last post. Because of it's success, we ladies might finally start getting some respect from Hollywood! I'm not sure how many of you have seen the numbers from New Moon's opening weekend, but it did really, really well! In fact, it's midnight showings were the highest in history, and it's opening weekend came in third just behind Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3.

If you think about Hollywood "blockbusters," they're almost always action flicks. Now, I like a good action movie just as much as the next girl, but let's face it, the movie industry definitely favors it's male audience. I have a few girlfriends that I go to the movies with on a regular basis, and we're always commenting on the lack of quality chick flicks.

Furthermore, maybe New Moon has shown filmakers that we ladies are not one dimensional and that we can fill theaters. Maybe we're looking for, and willing to spend money on, something more than romantic comedies. No matter what your opinion about The Twilight Saga, there is more to it than sappy lines and boys with their shirts off. It's an epic with action, fantasy, and romance. I don't know, but has there ever been another epic movie series targeted towards girls? Not that I know of.

When Twilight did better than expected in the theaters, Hollywood was surprised. They knew the books had a large following, but they underestimated the female audience's ability to pack out a theater. No one thought that a chick-centric movie could reach blockbuster proportions. But now that both movies have surpassed expectations, they know. As an audience, we are just as valuable as the guys that they tailor all their big movies to. And really, how many date nights have we ladies spent accompanying guys to action movies? I think it's time for our men to realize that that's a check about to be cashed. The Twilight Saga has hopefully started a trend, and soon we ladies (and our dates) will have lots of viable options at the theater. We'll no longer have to settle for movies like "Love Spelled Backwards is Still Love," and "Face Punch!" :-)

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