Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bye Bye First Trimester!

This is our annual Thanksgiving picture and has nothing to do with my being pregnant, but I'm not quite ready for belly shots. Left to right: my sister Pam, me, my sister Morgan, my cousin Cassie, and my niece-in-law Deanna.

Anyway, it's official. Sometime last week I entered my second trimester. Not much has changed really. Well, except for my waistline, which is quickly disappearing. I'm about 15 weeks right now, and I'm definitely showing! At my 12 week appointment, my doctor put me on Nexium and that's been a huge blessing. My heartburn was out of control and I was feeling sick all of the time. Heartburn only gets worse during pregnancy, so my doctor and I agreed that medicine was in order.

We haven't done much to get ready for baby, but I think we'll start working on the nursery over Christmas break. I haven't had a single desire to buy baby items yet, but I'm guessing that will start after our ultrasound in January. I think finally being able to see our baby and know its gender will make everything seem a lot more real.

In the meantime, we've been making plans to rearrange our bedroom and finally buy my dream wardrobe. My dresser is good for only kindling at this point, and with the coming onslaught of maternity clothes, I am in serious need of more closet space. Two guesses where we're going for that piece of furniture?


Lauren Stahl said...

ooooh can I give you some money and have you pick something up for us...they won't ship it...makes me made!

Phillips said...

Oh, oh, I know the answer to that question. Do you need to be identified as an "Ikea Whore" j/k!!

Also if you want to borrow any maternity clothes let me know, I know you have some stuff from Evan but I have a few sweaters and hoodies for the cooler weather and then quite a bit of warmer weather stuff. Hopefully I will have transitioned out of it by the time you need it :)