Monday, December 07, 2009

Our peeps

I was just sitting here thinking I should blog, but not really having anything to say, when one of our House Church (Bible Study) members emailed me this picture. It's admittedly not the best picture of me, but I wanted to share it anyway. I don't think I give these folks very much blog attention, but they're a big part of our lives.

Jeff and I, along with another couple, are the "leaders." We've held that role in multiple groups since before being engaged, and it's definitely had it's ups and downs. Our co-leaders joined our group last year - Their fresh perspective and tremendous support have been a big encouragement. Our group has changed a lot over the last year, but it's been good change. Everyone contributes, and we all really enjoy hanging out and do so on a regular basis.

This picture was taken on Saturday, at our monthly "pizza night," and only one couple was missing. One of the couples will be moving to Korea soon, which is why we took the picture, and we'll really miss them.

House Church has always been a priority for us, and it's so great to have a group of like-minded friends to experience life with each week. We help each other move, paint, and complete household projects. We support and pray for each other. And above all, we love to eat, hang out, and play games together! Life is good!

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