Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Squared

We cut it close (pun intended,) but we got our pumpkins carved just in time for Halloween. Every year Jeff amazes me with his jack-o-lantern masterpieces and these were no exception. Evan was representin' for his Mama, because when Jeff asked him how he should carve the pumpkins, he said, "make them vampires!" Out of the mouth of babes :-)

Two of Evan's friends came over to trick-or-treat with him again this year and he had a lot of fun. He was a Transformer and Aida was Piglet. I don't let Evan eat candy very often so he goes crazy for Halloween. Of course, with the way I ration out his spoils, there's no way that he could ever finish it all, but he'll have fun trying.

This is somehow my only picture of Evan and Aida together in their costumes, so it will have to count!

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