Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wasn't it just yesterday?

Evan is 4 years old! How on Earth did that happen? We had his party this weekend, and as usual he was lavished with attention, affection, and gifts. I think this will be his last "family only" party, but we'll see. He's been asking for a Spiderman party ever since April, and never once changed his mind, so we figured we should oblige. Jeff designed a really cool Spiderman Bingo game that was a huge hit, and luckily his cousin, Zane, was in attendance so he had some youthful competition. He was up at 5:30 on Saturday because he could NOT contain his excitement for the party. That made for an interesting afternoon, since he of course did not take a nap. But, he did get to go see a movie with his Daddy and Uncle and he thought that (and the popcorn) was really cool.

Some of the gift highlights were a Pillow Pet, a Super Hero Squad base, Batman blocks, and our gift, a new bike. We've stretched his tricycle way past it's prime. He's so big that it's almost comical watching him ride it, but, it had only recently hit me that he was ready for a regular bike. He seems to like it, expect pictures to come of his inaugural ride.

His birthday celebrations aren't over yet. I'm making his choice of dinner tomorrow night - Brinner - pancakes, bacon, and cinnamon apples. That boy loves carbohydrates. The other day I offered him fruit snacks or animal crackers for his snack and he asked for a slice of wheat bread instead. So, you can imagine how much he loves breakfast, it's almost entirely carbs. Then on Tuesday he'll have his preschool party and Wednesday is his daycare party. He is loving all this attention. I can't blame him!

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