Monday, May 30, 2011

Hold up, Baby Center!

I get these weekly emails from Baby Center chronicling the supposed development of Evan and now Aida, and Aida's emails always have the subject, "your baby..." I got one of these emails today only this time the subject said, "your toddler..." I was devastated not happy. Shouldn't they have to ask you first instead of just assuming you're ready for such a leap? And if they had asked me, I would have told them that, "uh, no, my child is most definitely not a toddler yet and for them to get their facts straight!" She's not walking, has the most adorable chunky legs, and still has a full 3 days until her birthday, so clearly she is still a baby! Thank you very much!

We did have Aida's 1st birthday party this weekend, though. We had it early in hopes of circumventing the arrival of my new *spoiler alert* nephew, but that didn't happen. My sister and her husband welcomed baby Rory into the world (and their home!) on Thursday night. I got to meet him on Sunday and hopefully Evan and Aida will get to meet their new cousin soon too.

I don't know if it was being around a newborn, or the beginning of Summer, or simply Aida's impending birthday, but I've been very sad about how Aida is growing up. Saturday night after her party, I was lying in bed and suddenly started to panic. I kept thinking, "how much is she changing right now in her sleep? What am I missing?" Jeff had to talk me out of going to get her and bringing her to sleep with us. I'm very glad that we're not having anymore kids, but is it wrong to want to savor her babyness just a little while longer? And you know what, there's more I could probably say on this topic, but I'm going to table it because I still have a few more days of her first year. She's still a baby, and will be until I say let's look at some party pictures!!

Here's her cake. Evan is very involved in the planning of his birthday party themes. Last year he was committed to the Spider-Man theme for more than 6 months. So, I asked him a while back what we should do for Aida's party and this is what he said, "she should have a tinker bell party, no wait, we should do that for her 2 year birthday. She should have a purple princess party for her 1 year birthday." Ha! So, that's what we did.

She got a really late start on her nap that afternoon so I had to wake her up after only 45 minutes. As a result it took her awhile to get with the party program. She seemed to liven up sometime after eating a plateful of icing :-)

This is Aida when she realized she'd eaten all of her cake!

Aida of course got a few presents including her first tea set, a doll that glows and she now loves to sleep with, her first doll house (of the Little People variety,) and Little People blocks.

She had a great party, even though she missed her Aunt, Uncle, and new Cousin, and she seemed to approve of Evan's "purple princess" party theme. Now I'll be spending the next three days pretending that she didn't just take those three first steps and that her birthday is absolutely not only 3 days away!

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