Thursday, October 27, 2011

All in one day

My blogging abilities can NOT keep up with all of the Fall activities! Evan wrapped up his soccer season a few weeks back and later that day we went to my Mom's for a wiener roast. All of the running made Aida a little grouchy (see above) but otherwise it was good day. Evan got his trophy, so that made him happy. We considered getting him involved in the Y's basketball program because we thought it might help with coordination and following directions, but we missed the cutoff. We might look for that next time.

Next week is my last week of working 3 days. I know, it kept getting delayed, but it really is happening this time! And now that I'll be home more during the week and Aida is a little older, it's time to start thinking about involving her in activities. I'm definitely going to start taking her to the library for story time, but I'm also going to do either kindermusik or tumbling. We did tumbling for Evan, but it might be time for some variety. I know she'll have fun at whatever we do, and I can't wait to have those experiences with her.

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