Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Days

I love Fall! We've been to the orchard, made apple pie, eaten s'mores, and we've had a "bonfire." Soon we'll be playing in the leaves, carving pumpkins, eating chili, and going to Boo at the Zoo. Oh, and we've watched lots of football! We were hanging out in the backyard the other day and I decided to take some pictures. I've gotten really lazy with the picture taking lately, but they were being pretty cute so I got some good ones...

Evan is finishing up Soccer and getting excited about his birthday. It's a month away and I have no idea what we're doing yet. Thanks to commercials, he's decided he wants to have a Bakugan cake, and yesterday he asked if we could invite his friends, so now I have some serious decisions to make. We weren't planning on starting the "friend" birthdays for another year, but now I'm not so sure. Although, with only a month to go, I'm not sure I have the time to plan for that type of party. I'm not sure I'm really ready for all of that, but then again, what else would you get for the extrovert that has everything?

Aida is trying to talk more. I think she's saying variations of the following words: bye, balloon, brother, Daddy, Mommy, paci, baby, doggy, belly, and kitty. She can point to most of her body parts, and she can make a few animal sounds. And every time we praise her, she claps for herself, so she's got self esteem down. She's at such a fun age right now. She's more independent, but still loves to cuddle. Her newest interest is books. Evan loved books from the beginning and has always liked being read to, but Aida did not have time for books! Now, she constantly brings us books and loves story time.

I keep thinking back to last year at this time and I'm so amazed at how different life already is. Aida isn't a baby anymore, and now she can participate in all of our Fall activities and enjoy them as much as we do. And Evan can take his Sister by the hand and tell her about all the fun things they get to do. It's all so cute I can hardly take it!! I love these kids!