Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Was Here

This was the most excited I've been for Christmas in a long time. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed and looked forward to each Christmas, but there was just something special about this one. We were excited about the kids' gifts and I couldn't wait to watch their faces when they opened their presents. But, I was also really excited about my own gifts. Jeff and I haven't really exchanged "big" presents in a few years, but we decided to spend a little more money on each other this year. I had two major items on my wishlist: a Keurig coffeemaker and fleece pajama pants (because if I'm at home, I'm in pajama pants, and we're cheap so our house is always cold!) I got both, so I've been drinking coffee in comfort since Sunday!

Evan didn't get one big gift, but he got a lot of "medium" ones that we knew he would really like. He now has walkie talkies and enough remote control cars that he and Daddy can race each other all over the house. Aida got a few little things, but her major gift was a new kitchen. We had been borrowing a baby kitchen from friends, but she had long outgrown that one. We were waiting for Christmas to give her the new one and I could hardly wait! It's the perfect size for her and she seems to love it!

I think everyone got exactly what they wanted this year and it was a great Christmas. But, between our own advent activities, Sunday school, preschool, and House Church, I also feel confident that our children know the real meaning of Christmas. We're filled with pride and joy every time we hear Evan talk about Jesus, and not just during the holidays. We know that every day he has a better understanding of God's love and sacrifice and that makes us so happy!

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