Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How about some Easter in May?

April went by so fast and I'm fairly sure that May is going to go even faster.  So much happened in April.  Of course, there was Easter, and the annual Easter egg hunt at my Mom's.  This was Aida's first year to join the hunt and she thought it was fantastic, and how could it not be?  My Mom throws an amazing Easter egg hunt!  I think there were even a few eggs that we adults didn't find this year.  Mom was in between chemo treatments so she was feeling well enough to organize it.  I was so glad because Easter would not have been the same if we'd had to skip it.

Then there was that other major event in April, my turning a year older.  I'm 34 years old now.  Hmm, Maybe that's why I ignored the blog. This year's birthday was fairly low key.  Jeff and I decided to get each other iPads for our birthdays/anniversary, so that was obviously the bulk of my fanfare.  We had said we would wait until the iPad 3 came out in order to see how much the 2 went down in price.  We were able to get a great deal on two refurbished iPad 2's from Apple.  I almost never get the MacBook out anymore, and the iPad has seriously improved my time spent on the treadmill.  Because of space limitations, our treadmill faces a corner, sans tv.  I was watching netflix on my iPhone, but the iPad is so much better! We also used our monthly date night on my birthday and saw Hunger Games.  But don't worry, even though I read all three books in 2 days and saw the movie, I'm definitely still Team Twilight :-)

I successfully registered my first born for Kindergarten in April, so that happened.  He'll be going to full day Kindergarten and the powers that be decided it should be free, so our budget is super excited.  However, his Mommy isn't so sure.  I'm nervous about so many things: should he ride the bus, dropping his food in the cafeteria, the potential for arm breaking at recess, whether he'll make friends, his ability to sit still for long periods of time.  But I know he's going to love it and I'm excited to start this new adventure...I think.

We're all getting really ready for Summer around here, which by the way, starts in 3 1/2 weeks!  It's a little shorter this year, and I'm still coming to grips with that reality.  I have always been on a school calendar.  As soon as I was done going to school, I started working in one.  Summers are an institution that I'm not ready to give up.  But having longer Fall and Spring breaks will be nice and I'm so glad that we're all on the same schedule.

We had decided not to plan a full vacation this Summer because of my decreased hours at work, but then with the new "from home" duties, they turned out to not really be decreased.  Plus, I found out that she wants me to keep up that 1 day per week over the Summer in order to randomly audit documentation.  But by the time we figured out all of those changes, we were already really excited by the prospect of visiting friends in Atlanta.  So, we decided to rent a cabin in the mountains on the way for a few nights.  It's crazy how many more amenities you can get for less in a mountain cabin versus a beach cabin.  I'm talking hot tub, game room, full cable, gaming systems, and my personal favorite wi-fi!  We don't usually get any of those when we go to the beach!  Although maybe after this trip, we might start. 

I'm going to end this post with a video clip.  I think I mentioned this awhile back, but Aida's name for Evan is "Emmy."  Hearing her call him that might be one of the cutest thing ever, so I had to share it.  Is it even possible this cute little girl is going to be 2 years old in only 1 month?!?!

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