Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baby's growth spurt and more

Jeanelle: Today was my 30 week check up at the doctor's office and the doctor says our baby is measuring at 32 weeks. This means one of a few things: absolutely nothing, he's big, or maybe I'll get to have him a little early (which I wouldn't mind :-)

Jeff: I'm so excited at the possibility of my son coming early that I almost forgot that tomorrow starts the NFL season. Mmmmm…NFL.

Jeanelle: Uh Oh, I think this might become a fantasy football blog instead of baby's blog :-)

Jeff: That reminds me, I need to set my fantasy line-up - so goodnight - signing off.

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Pam said...

The baby may be bigger than 7lbs, huh? That little stinker isn't listening, mmm could he have the stubborn streak that runs through us? LOL Tell him I love him. I can't wait. You are a beautiful pregnant woman. Love you lots. Hey tell me something special you would like that no one else will get you for the baby or for the baby and yourself. email me. love ya lots
your sis
Pam :)