Sunday, October 08, 2006

What Now?

Jeanelle: First of all, an update on our breastfeeding class - it was much better than our infant care class. I really liked the instructor and I felt like we definitely learned some things.

Jeff: True. There's nothing like watching your nurse instructor fake breastfeed an oversized cabbage patch doll with a hole for a mouth. And don't forget the small plush breast with show and tell milk ducts - it's like I'm back in health class again.

I'm not sure I took that health class :-) But it was kind of weird watching her model various things with the doll. However, I really liked the class and feel good about the choice to breastfeed. The second thing on our agenda tonight is the last shower we had this weekend with our family and friends. My sisters (see picture) and mom threw this shower and they did a great job - it was held at a tea room in my home town and the food and dessert were great. I don't have a picture of the cake from this one but for those of you interested in such details we had our choice of two amazing desserts: peanut butter pie (with a chocolate layer) and a chocolate chip torte - yum! It was a lot of fun spending time with family this weekend and we got so many great gifts that now all we need to do is wait for Mr. Evan to make his appearance.

Jeff: Thanks everyone for all of the great gifts. It means a lot and will help us raise our son in style.

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