Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Defcon 4

Jeanelle: Today was my 38 week appointment and my doctor says I'm dialated over three centimeters and his head is very low. I asked her to give me an estimate on size and she said, "he's not small" - her guess was in the 8 lb ballpark. She again offered to send me to the hospital right then, but I again declined . . . still waiting for Evan to make that decision.

Jeff: I for one do not think these big decisions should be left in the hands of a minor. I can't take any more of this. For a whole half day at work I had to go through hightened nerves and uncontainable excitement that my son could possibly be entering the world . . . right now! Or next week! Or tomorrow! Or tonight! Or RIGHT NOW! The suspense is obviously killing me.

Jeanelle: I've actually been helping Jeff calm down lately instead of the other way around. I'm surprisingly at ease and relaxed - I guess that's my body's way of preparing for the intensity to come! One of the things that's helped me relax is knowing that tomorrow we have a cleaning service coming to get our house "sterile" and ready for Evan's homecoming. This is a one time luxury, but I didn't really trust my cleaning ability and frankly am too tired and/or lazy these days for that aspect of nesting!

Jeff: Yeah, me too. What she said. Insert large sigh here. Hopefully this will be the last blog entry that we write with pregnant pictures and details about how pregnancy is going. The next blog entry I'd like to do is the one with Evan's cute picture in it talking about how much he weighs, who's features he has, and how soon we can take him home. Until then, you are all on call, as are we. Peace out.

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