Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One more day to shave my legs!

For those of you who have not been 10 mos pregnant, you may not know how difficult it is to shave your legs at this point in pregnancy. It's not that easy to balance your weight on one leg, stand that long to begin with, and not to mention reach your leg over your giant belly! I have been shaving every day over the last four weeks just in case I was to go in to labor and I have grown very tired of this process! But, tomorrow morning will be the last time! At our doctor's appt yesterday, Evan passed his non-stress test and the ultrasound (see picture, don't worry we don't know what we're looking at either) indicated enough fluid to continue safely with our pregnancy. However, my doctor's rule is to induce at the 41 week mark which for me would be Saturday. In the meantime, I would have to return on Thursday to have all the same tests done that we did today - during 3 hours at the doctor's office! So, Jeff and I decided to go ahead and schedule to be induced on Wednesday morning at 6:00. The doctor is very confident with me now being dialated 4 centimeters and 95% effaced, that my induction will progress very well and I should have little fear of C-section. She did strip my membranes, but so far that hasn't yielded any great results other than some discomfort. One of the amazing things is that during the non-stress test, the tech told me I was most likely having a contraction - I had no clue! I felt a little uncomfortable, but nothing I would call a contraction, maybe they'll all be like that :-) :-)!!! God has been very faithful throughout our pregnancy and answered so many of my prayers already, even down to my prayer of not getting stretch marks :-) Sometimes I'm astounded at the way He cares about and listens to even the small things that matter so much to us. As with every day, I will pray yet again for a safe, fast, and easy delivery - join me if you will!

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