Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our due date may come and go; and Jeff boycotts the blog

Well, Jeff is refusing to grace us with his blogging presence until the baby comes. So, I am going to pass along any relevant information about Evan's awaited arrival. Today is his due date, but it does not appear promising that he will be punctual. I guess I only have myself to blame for that since I tend to be late for just about everything. We have a doctor's appointment on Monday and will have a non-stress test and ultrasound done and will then meet with the doctor. I believe the plan is for her to strip my membranes that day, which hopefully will get things started. I'm still dialated 3 centimeters and 85% effaced, but will learn for next time that this does not necessarily mean anything! Going to work for both of us has become unbearable and we both really hope that we won't have to watch another week come and go before Evan comes into our lives! That's all - Jeff and I are going to go for a very long walk ... wish us luck.

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