Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Evan's First Christmas and Smile

We've survived the holidays and the cold that we took turns getting. Evan is getting better everyday, but still has a nasty cough that we hate to listen to. He didn't sleep very well last night, getting up about every hour and a half trying to clear his throat - but it seems the worst is over! The doctor told us that the upside of him getting sick is that he's developing antibodies that will be there for the next time he gets sick and that he would fight it much quicker then. I'm still sick, but hopefully that's going away soon too.

Our cold didn't stop us from enjoying our first Christmas with Evan! It was so fun to have him with us while we opened our presents. As you can see in the picture he even got presents this year. I know, what on earth can a 1 month old baby possibly need - but family obviously thought of a few things. He's already spoiled by them and he doesn't even know it! He missed Christmas with my family because he was sick, but Jeff's mom and brother were with us on Christmas so that was good!

Also Evan has been such a trooper through his cold that he even had his first smile this weekend. It's still developing, but it was definitely a provoked smile. We can't wait for his first laugh!!

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morgan said...

i'm glad he's smiling! He's too cute! can't wait to see him again. i hope you all get to feeling better soon!